About Seattle Used Bikes

S.U.B. is not an OEM dealer. We don’t have quotas to meet, MSRP, or flooring charges to carry. We offer a cherry-picked selection of the best two-wheeled tackle in the greater Seattle area at terrific prices because that is who we are. Riders, not pitchmen.

S.U.B. can get you onto your first bike, armed not just with a fine machine but with the knowledge, accessories, and camaraderie to launch you properly into the motorcycling world. S.U.B. can also help locate that very special bike, the one you’ve always wanted but couldn’t… quite … get your hands on. It’s waiting for you right now. Come down and take a look.

Whether you’re just starting down the road or honing your lean angle at track days, when it comes to the care and feeding of your riding dream, we hope you’ll start here.

Meet the Team:

Dave Roosevelt: Owner

Dave Roosevelt has as much experience working on and around motorcycles as anyone in the Pacific Northwest. Besides riding, selling, tuning and customizing every imaginable type of bike (with special emphasis on his beloved “Italian mistresses”), Dave’s track record includes founding and operating Ducati Seattle and of course his new venture, Seattle Used Bikes.

S.U.B. enjoys the advantage of Dave’s extensive product knowledge and industry contacts, but most importantly, he brings aboard his friendships with many overlapping circles of area riders. Want a bike? Need a service? Just want to find out what kind of rides are coming up? Come see Dave, and get yourself in the loop.



Pete Janette: Technician

For the past year we have had the pleasure of working with another very solid technician here at SUB,   Pete Janette.  Pete brings his many years of experience with all things that go boom!   He has been very instrumental in helping us raise “our game” back in service with his unbelievable diagnostic skills and his uncanny ability to get right to the problem.   Teaching and sharing is something Pete loves to do and we encourage it!   Pete has been through certification classes with Ducati and all the Japanese brands as well as Race Tech suspension training and Dynojet.   Pete also spent a few years as a technical instructor for both American Honda and Lake Washington Institute of Technology.







Working along side Pete we have Sam Spencer and Josh True, both possess strong diagnostic skills and the ability to get the job done right.  Both Sam and Josh moved out here from Ohio, best friends growing up. . Are the carbs on your bike driving you crazy?   These three guys are the best guys in town for those challenging carb issues, simple tuning to complete carb rebuild we know how to do it right.

Sam Spencer

Josh True