About Seattle Used Bikes

S.U.B. is not an OEM dealer. We don’t have quotas to meet, MSRP, or flooring charges to carry. We offer a cherry-picked selection of the best two-wheeled tackle in the greater Seattle area at terrific prices because that is who we are. Riders, not pitchmen.

S.U.B. can get you onto your first bike, armed not just with a fine machine but with the knowledge, accessories, and camaraderie to launch you properly into the motorcycling world. S.U.B. can also help locate that very special bike, the one you’ve always wanted but couldn’t… quite … get your hands on. It’s waiting for you right now. Come down and take a look.

Whether you’re just starting down the road or honing your lean angle at track days, when it comes to the care and feeding of your riding dream, we hope you’ll start here.

Give us a call and let’s see if we can help!
We’re independent and locally-owned, so stop by and experience SUB for yourself.
“Your friendly, neighborhood motorcycle shop…the way it should be”!